Tuesday, December 01, 2015

It's Not A Fight

If you've spent any time following politics, you know that the organized parties decide what Good People are supposed to believe, and then they tell us who the Other is, and that the Other hates everything good and right, or at least wants to take it from you. And on it goes.

It should not be so with us, for we are the Body of Christ. As the days move along, as I endeavor to make my impersonation of a theologian all the more convincing, I have only 2 categories for theological reflection: "True/False," and "Clear/Unclear." It's not like a sports team; there is no reward for particularly intense subjective feelings about one thing or another.

I might know the snarky nickname for that other Catholic periodical I don't read, but I don't have to use it. I heard Jesus loves those people, too.

What are we doing, fretting about others? I'm not a saint yet; are you? At best, we're getting wound up about things that will perish, and at worst, we are acting against God, and our destiny.

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