Monday, February 15, 2016


I'm supposed to be upset, or longing, or something. And I won't sit here and tell you that I don't want a relationship and marriage. But it's different now. I'm increasingly aware of giving, and not simply longing.

She won't have all this pressure to please me in all ways, because I don't need that. I'm going to give and receive love, and if it becomes erotic and romantic, fair enough. I like myself. I know I'm not alone. That's the most powerful reality we can know. God loves me, and I'm not alone.

We have heard it a million times, that a person cannot fill that most powerful desire, to be known and totally loved. But seriously. Why did I ever think that I was less a man, less a person, because no one has had sex with me? Have we ever articulated these hopes and fears, and stopped to ponder how silly they are?

There are a few people I know who probably thought about seeking a romantic relationship with me, but passed. Good reasons, bad reasons, or in between, it doesn't matter. You either leave people better than you found them, or you have missed the point of living. Friendship, romance, it's all the same. Lead people to God. Be led to God. That is success.

Dear God, I give you every hope and desire. Make it fruitful for your Kingdom, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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