Thursday, April 21, 2016

I Guess I Just Miss Him

This is worth a read. Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer I ever saw. What's it worth, really? And that is true. I would rather have my wife and my children. This sunset could have gone better. It hurts me to think of it.

I can remember seeing things that will never be seen again on a golf course. It's not a debatable point; this was Nicklaus reincarnated. The best you can do is use this amazing ability to do some real good for others who aren't so lucky. But a game can't fix the holes in ourselves. Money, power, fame, physical ability, all powerless against the demons of a purposeless life.

I thought of it today, that forgiveness is the currency of Heaven, for those of us here. Every problem in the world is either forgiveness needed, or forgiveness denied, and often both. People aren't that complicated, really, but they are dangerous.

Lord, have mercy!

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