Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Please Call Me "Aggressively Moderate," Thank You

Left? Right? Who cares? It's the general inability of anyone to speak or think in anything besides tribalistic terms that makes those descriptors pointless. I'd defiantly own "mushy moderate," but, you don't actually know what you mean by "conservative." No one does. We have to do a monumental thing: we have to re-build ethics and re-establish virtue, and then establish the positive good of government as such. There is no point in talking about "limited government" if one doesn't know what government is for. And if someone believes in anarchy, they should just say that. There are precious few actual Communists to make common cause against.

Other foolish people think that every solution that begins with government at some level spending money must be offered by people who don't understand "economics." Well, I may not. But it strikes me in the same way as the people who dodge metaphysical questions by saying, "Because, science."

Food for thought.

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