Thursday, July 14, 2016

No. Just No.

There's this. And I said to no one in particular, "What a pile of s***." If you lose readers, you lose readers. And if you're being an intemperate jerk who should stay away from politics, no amount of passionate defenses of your work changes all that. The funny thing about charity is, it's the ultimate proof that you can be right, and still lose. Is there no one Catholic who can say, "Our social teaching bids us go in some interesting directions"? Is it that hard to say that grudging acceptance of Pope Francis is not obedience? Is impugning the motives of those who have faults in reasoning now considered "pruning"?

I get it. When you write and opine for your daily work, you're gonna make someone mad. And maybe you should. But I never felt edified, reading Mark Shea's Facebook feed. I stuck it out, because I knew he's right most times. But what good is it to gain the whole world, and forfeit your soul?

The Register can find someone better, to say the same things.

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