Saturday, January 26, 2019

I'm Joining This "Outrage Mob," And Here's Why

A local TV news person, Kevin Steincross, has been pulled off the air here in town, indefinitely. His error? He accidentally (he says) said, "Martin Luther C**n" instead of "King" on Dr. King's birthday. I could easily believe it was an honest mistake. He tripped over his words, and screwed it up.

On the other hand...

Black America has been forced to endure an unending litany of "honest mistakes," ranging from disrespect, to outright murder. Discrimination in housing, education, agriculture, you name it. Things are less bad perhaps in some ways, but not in others. Just yesterday or the day prior, I read of one young black woman here in Missouri who was repeatedly insulted, demeaned, and discriminated against by her own high school dance coach, and by another adult, and not only did the school administration do nothing, (except reluctantly fire said coach after some heinous, obvious text messages came to light) the parents and other daughters on the team threw a party, and wore ribbons in support of the fired coach! I'm going to remember this, the next time I'm tempted to tell someone to "get over it," or I think that it's ancient history.

Steincross hasn't been fired, either. He's just not on TV for awhile. I believe you, sir. But I'll tell you what: you can do reparation and penance for all of us Caucasians, even if it was a mistake. I'm Catholic; we do this all the time. I've said Marian prayers in reparation for all the blasphemies against God, and I am not often guilty of such sins personally.

I do know this: I don't think black Americans are as outraged about "SJWs" as some of my fellow whites are. There is nothing sarcastic about wanting holistic, comprehensive, systemic justice. In other words, social justice. Are we still defensive, because we're bearing guilt?

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