Saturday, August 24, 2013


I've done a measure. Not enough. And I don't deserve all the lightness I do have. But here's the thing: God is not beyond it; He's in it. I'm no great saint, but I know this. Maybe we've been stuck in cultures of avoidance, eh?

But let's be clear: saying what I said doesn't mean we don't cry and hurt; far from it. But faith looks for Jesus through the tears. Jenny taught me that, even though we didn't talk much before she died. I start to realize that Jesus is always close to those who sorrow and suffer. And if you have Jesus, nothing else matters. Paradoxically though, if you have Jesus, everything matters.

I have a buddy who gave me a small but precious gift many years ago. The Lord chose him and his beloved for some pretty big crosses these past few years. I cry for him, but I rejoice for him. The Lord God is Love. I know he knows this, probably better than most. Through all of it, Love.

I hope before I'm out of this place that every tear I cry is a love-gift. Every smile, every joy. Then I will begin to understand.

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