Monday, August 19, 2013

Vote In My Poll!

Blogger/AdSense obviously wants me to be depressed; they have invited me to add several new gadgets to the blog that no one will use. Yet one is a poll, and that is brilliant. They have no idea how comically self-deprecating I can be. It'll be awesome!

Note to the Catholics: Our Catechism is really good. People should read it now and again. Go read paragraph 568.

If the chortling from the right-wing audience ever dies down, I do want to hear more about the common good and distributive justice (see CCC, 1906-1912, for starters). In all frankness, I wonder if it is possible without turning the West into a Stalinist paradise, but I'm open to ideas. Whatever we decide to do and how to do it, might I politely suggest that roughly doubling the US budget in the last 10 years was a bad idea?

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