Saturday, September 05, 2015

I Don't Have "Straight Pride"

I don't consider myself straight, as we understand the term. I confess that marriage was made for one man and one woman, alone. If I call myself "straight," all I'm telling you is that my tendency, for good and bad, would be to have sexual relations with women. If I have another category "gay," I'm validating homosexual relations on equal terms, without meaning to. Then the issue becomes like sports teams, like the Red Sox and the Yankees. You have your team and culture, and I have mine. We do this all the time in politics; we get really tense and passionate when we think the others want to take the little parcel we've carved out for ourselves. We're just animals, after all. We fight the hardest when cornered.

This reality about marriage is not supernatural as such, but it fits with a worldview that accepts, and even suggests, that such things which would not and could not be known by reason alone have been revealed. I won't hide that from you.

Still, it stands to reason that things we might consider supernatural truths at first thought could simply be natural truths that are repeated. Why would a God who's allegedly revealing things beyond human reason repeat things that are within our reason's grasp? Because we need to know those things, and in general, we are stupid. Consider humbly if you would that perhaps the "sheep" motif in the Bible is not really a metaphor at all.

I don't argue against gay marriage, or any other thing, from fear. I am afraid of some of its advocates, though. Even a virtuous society needs to be free enough for people to be wrong, and maybe find a better way later on. People stomping around screaming, "Bigot!" at every opportunity doesn't exactly remind me of the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

Definitely not the brave. But that stands to reason, too. Even relatively nice people like Conor Friedersdorf need to continue insisting they are on "the right side of history." If people stop marching and yelling for 5 minutes, they might realize they've been running from some things, and they might hear the still small voice. We can't have that.

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