Friday, September 04, 2015

Go Rest High On That Mountain

I found out that a friend from high school succumbed to drugs and alcohol. I didn't know him well at that time, but a few years ago, he worked for me as a personal assistant. It was already starting to grab him then, but his fundamental goodness shined right through. I think he came to regret letting the drugs make him let me down. I just hope I did enough to encourage him in the love of God.

Addiction is horrible, because once you are physically addicted to a thing, it's even stronger than what you want. People may have long ago decided that they couldn't fill that emotional hole with a substance, but they can't get out. It takes a ton of support, prayer, and a mighty effort.

Maybe the hardest thing while watching it happen is not taking their failures as people too personally. They will have to account for those things once they get clear, but there is no amount of anger that will make it work. And if you're not careful, you'll poison your own soul with that anger. It's one of those times where we need to recognize anger as sadness, and just be sad.

People are crying out for love. That's how it starts. The booze or the pills don't judge me, or tell me I'm not good enough, people think. Then they're stuck.

The truth is, even if a friend, parent, or lover wounds us somehow, that hole in ourselves is too big for any person to fill. It's the reality of existence. What is my purpose? What's this life for? Does it matter? The highest love is the kind that makes us friends with God Himself. It's the kind that makes people forgive killers, rescue enemies from burning buildings, and so forth. But all the other loves come from God, too. God is Love.

I'll miss you, Brett. Here's hoping we can laugh again together.

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