Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Lights Are On

Perhaps spiritual progress is actually measured by what you do when you realize, "Hey, this is real!" Prior to that moment, or, we might say, the ever more conscious appreciation of that reality, we will have done numerous spiritual practices, either out of duty, or out of some small awareness of faith or hope. But once the lights come on, so to speak, we do those things with the desire that our love would increase. Such is the prayer that is always answered.

I could have leapt on the altar today. What an impious scene that would be! I didn't leave my apartment that way. There's just something about Jesus, as they say. I can hear him, almost as if he's talking, in the Gospels this week.

As Jesus approaches Jerusalem anew in a sense, we are reminded that there is no middle ground. We either have ears to hear, or we don't. Lord, give us as much love as we are able to receive, and give us grace to receive more. Amen.

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