Thursday, June 16, 2016

"Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day" Was The Most Fun I Ever Had Doing Political Activism

That was several years ago. Do you remember it? Though some of the organizing energy doubtless smacked of crass opportunism, (this was Mike Huckabee, after all) I did it. And I'm not entirely insensitive to the Christian criticism that it was unnecessarily combative toward the so-called "gay community." But I went, and I felt better about it as it went along. I want to live in a country where, if it must be pluralistic, we can still take the risk to live and believe what we will. We may offend people--and Heaven knows I don't actually enjoy it--but this is America, and it's time for some progressives to put on their big-boy and big-girl pants (and the other identities, if you like) and just deal with it.

Especially in light of their willingness to hire homosexuals (and others) while steadfastly maintaining a Christian identity. Firing up the grills on a Sunday, no less, to feed those affected by the Orlando tragedy, and dozens of other things, shows any sensible person who is not a fascist that if these folks are "anti-gay," the word has no meaning.

And that means, hand-wringing, "forward-thinking" evangelical, I will not apologize for chicken sandwiches. I don't need to. If I can't muster the courage to defend Mr. Cathy, maybe I don't have the courage to speak the truth in Christian love at all. Maybe it can be done even better than he did, but I know it can be done worse, and there is no reason to disavow Christians who say what Christians have always said about sexuality and marriage. You will not find the magic way of not offending sinners. You are not special. You will bear the cross. If you don't, actually, you may not be following Christ at all.

This of course doesn't give me the right to be a jerk on purpose, and honestly, I am pretty good at that. Still, I can't promise I won't offend. I can't say necessarily that the fault will be mine, if I do. I might well be tired of over-the-top rhetoric on every side, but I am also weary of Christians who do everything but tell the truth. I just sense an awareness that I'm still that guy, naming cowardice for what it is.

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