Sunday, October 19, 2003

Just so everyone understands, we did not study God's Word this past Wednesday, in light of Cubs-Marlins Game 7. Wholehearted sympathies go out to our own Cubs fan Brian Miller, and millions of his compatriots worldwide. I do think the Marlins represent the National League's best chance to win. Also, I do not have questions for the first five verses of Colossians 2. I was on a vacation of sorts, and my compatriot Christopher Yee composed the questions for that week. I'll simply post his questions. Fear not, loyal Safe Haven reader, you are in capable hands. I know there's only one of you, and you're teetering on the edge of leaving anyway. I wouldn't read this blog. Jason Kettinger's not all that interesting. He's probably choking on a mix of Coke, (the Best Soda Ever) and belligerent comments. Yes, he owns a bit of a temper, but some people deserve it, he says. For example, why would you build any political philosophy trusting a two-bit OPEC kingpin over the US President? EVER? Give me back the adulterous, dishonest, slimy Bill Clinton every single day, and twice on Sunday over some sheik who wants to make our gas prices 17 bucks a gallon. Oh, the poor sheiks don't like our "unilateralism"! Too stinkin' bad, I say. You get international peace acclaim by facilitating the decline of your nation, I guess. (Jimmy Carter, looking in your hapless, ill-informed direction.) If a head of state (who just ordered a beheading 'cause some guy tried to watch "The Price is Right") doesn't like my foreign policy, I've done a good deed. I hope Omar Im-kinda-Evil is nervous, too. I'm not going to stop by for tea, that's for sure. This Christian blog just got strangely political. Sorry. And don't call me a neoconservative.

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