Friday, December 12, 2003

This post is slightly political, but cut me some slack; I'm going somewhere with this. On this subject, John Armstrong has been writing a lot in his Weekly Messenger for Reformation & Revival Ministries, so I'm giving him credit before I start. A lot of evangelicals are sold on the idea of smaller government, and free markets, and frankly so am I. But there are always holes, folks who fall through the cracks. The market is filled with sinful man too, as is the welfare state. The big question for all those who've entered the political fray is this: Are you willing to stand in the breach, when your politics isn't enough? When the free market leaves some behind, are you willing personally to right the wrongs of poverty? And you socialists, (and assorted other liberals) are you willing to stand in those same breaches when the welfare state fails, when your utopian dreams go down in flames? Christians, are we willing to speak "phophetically" to all sides of politics, and again be the consience of a nation? Christian fingerprints are all over almost every good reform in our nation's past--anti-poverty efforts, the Progressive Era, civil rights, even feminism. To sum up, let's do that again.

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