Thursday, February 05, 2004

Today, I am posting the questions from our first Bible study this semester. As always, thanks to "The Gentle Dragon" Chris Yee for his assistance. Enjoy 1 John 1.

If you had to summarize this passage with one thought, if someone said, “What is the point of 1 John 1?” what would you say?

Why does John mention all those senses (“we have seen…we have touched…we have heard”)? (v. 1)

What is very clear about the person of Christ from v. 1? (Look at John 1:1; they’re very similar on purpose) Why would John and other disciples share what they’ve seen and heard?

What is the joy John speaks of in v. 4?

What does it mean that God is light, and in him there is no darkness? (v. 5)

Could the same be said of us?

What does “while we walk in darkness” mean in v. 6?

What does fellowship have to do with walking in the light?

How does God deal with those who confess their sins? What does that tell us about God’s character?

Can any of us claim to be without sin? If we did, what are we?

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