Friday, November 10, 2006

I face the daunting task of exegeting (er, extracting the meaning out of) 1 Cor 11:23-30, as I have said. As I looked at a few commentaries, it seemed interesting that the sins mentioned just prior had little to do with minor errors in practice; rather, they were reflective of a disregard of the inherent dignity present in their brothers and fellow communicants. I'll not comment much further, as to avoid having to cite someone! But interesting it is to note that, in order to observe rightly, we must consider others. Indeed, consider them better than ourselves. And Christ the Anchor holds us together. I don't know myself without somehow knowing and loving my brothers and sisters. I cannot know Christ without taking a moment to ponder those others for whom He also died. If Christ gave his life without hesitation, how can I bring a charge against another without seeing my sin first? Is this not what we were taught? I use high words because this is not a time to be unclear.
I must say that I'm not sure that "Each man ought to examine himself" has anything at all to do with my approximation of personal sin, or whether I have reached a point of theological understanding about the Supper. (Though, if I treated it like a trip to Showbiz Pizza, I'm likely guilty of the body and blood.) Must I know the Mystery? Must I come into worship free of all guilt? No. But let me look to Christ, the Author and perfecter of our faith. Let me love my brothers and sisters without reservation. Let the Lord bless me, and tell me whose I am. Let us not fear. And let us go forth to love and serve the Lord! (Thanks be to God.)

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