Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Well, it's quite possible that I wouldn't know the difference between an occasion-induced friendliness, and a romantic attraction if it punched me in the face. Bad Sign #1: I've called twice, a little over a week apart, and she hasn't called back. Voicemail. Hmmmm...On the other hand, I don't know how this operates with her. Maybe she's from the 'Vigorously Pursue Me Right to the Border of Annoying' School. Who knows? Of course, I wasn't real specific. I said, 'I'll be in town on...' and, 'Sorry, I won't be in town...Call me if you come to St. Louis.' Yet again, I'm reminded of a story a "grandma-lady" friend told me once. She said that her mother/stepmother liked this guy (her father?) and he had said, "You call me; I'll be at the bus station, and I'll change my plans if you call." Well, she thought it'd be inappropriate for her to call him. [This could have been, what, the 1950s?] She ended up waiting 45 years before he got the clue. Her lesson to me: If you don't be a man, and say exactly what you want, she won't do anything. Then again, this is 2007. Even Christians don't think much like that anymore. Still, I think I'll write a letter. That's pretty bold. No, I won't profess my undying love or whatever, but JK writes good prose, and that'll be awesome to get shot down with a real letter.

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