Friday, May 22, 2009

During this season of theological exploration/appreciation, I dutifully present:

My 5 Favorite Words in Catholicism (snarky, affirmative, hopefully humorous comments included)

5. Reconciliation [Because if you are not "down with" confession and pardon, you have major issues, dawg!]

4. Tradition [The defense against chronological snobbery since 33 AD] (Note: I know the phrase "chronological snobbery" is in a book, but since I've not read it, please don't sue me.)

3. Magisterium [Presumptively ensuring that the essentials of faith are not defined by warm fuzzies]

2. Eucharist [Mysterious, possibly even creepy, and complicated? Yes. Superior to Zwinglianism? Infinitely.]

1. Charity. [How Catholics define saving love, to distinguish it from seedy, immoral romance novels]

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