Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I just got done listening to a few songs by Madonna (yes, Madonna) and having a conversation with myself, or with Madonna, about what I would say to her if I had the chance. First, I'd tell her, "Thanks for the music." I may not like every song of hers, but I like enough of them to make it the truth. Then I'd frankly ask her if leaving her Catholic faith was, in her mind, a good move. I mean, it's not like she went down the street to the Presbyterian church, either. She has left Jesus himself. [Note: Please don't bother writing me and telling me some variation of, "Well, Jesus isn't in the Catholic Church." If you were lucky enough that I wrote you back, I'd tell you you're quite wrong, and then I would beg of God's grace so that I didn't yell at you ungracious things. Thank you, please drive through.] In any case, I don't think I fully realize the gravity of refusing Jesus Christ. I may well know the blessing of accepting Him, but not the curse of its opposite.
On the other hand, "You're going to hell!" [Spoken in an angry, gravelly, voice] usually doesn't work. On another hand still, many say that the best repentance comes out of love, not fear. So, it might not even be best for people to tell them this, even though it may be true.
Think of all the famous people whose talents you appreciate and enjoy. That shouldn't be hard; we Americans are obsessed with celebrities. The ones you really admire truly are like friends. If they had a few minutes to spend with you, what would you say? Alright, let's say 20 minutes. A "good conversation" (paging Ken Watanabe!) would have to be that long. What would you say, Christian?
I thought of these 5 people I'd preach to, if given the chance: [Note: Assuming first, that their departures from some reasonably orthodox form of Christianity are still recoverable, and second that they are not already Christians.]

(not in a particular order necessarily)

5. Tom Brady, quarterback, NFL's New England Patriots.

4. Brett Favre, quarterback, (retired, for the moment) NFL's Green Bay Packers/Atlanta Falcons/New York Jets.

3. US President George W. Bush (2001-2009)

2. US President Barack Obama (2009-present)

1. Tom Cruise, actor.

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