Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top 5 Underrated Albums According To Me

5. Affirmation, Savage Garden—Though the title track is something of a throwaway (and I don’t agree with it) the rest deserves due credit for being very good, even compelling. You’ll first feel guilty liking it so much, but get over it; music critics are stupid, usually.

4. Dizzy Up The Girl, Goo Goo Dolls—The critics will kindly can it on this one, too; the guys should be very proud of this. I don’t even like rock, and I love this record.

3. My Own Prison, Creed—I know for certain the rock critics hate this. I also think that Scott Stapp manipulated scores of Christians into buying it. But a great album is a great album. “What’s This Life For?” is a great song, even if he uses the Lord’s Name in vain, and it’s the central question of life we should all ask.

2. Destiny, Jim Brickman—Jim’s other releases may even be more famous, but this record is so amazing! “Bittersweet” should be in a movie if it hasn’t been yet, and hearing Pam Tillis cap off this disc brings me back to younger days, hearing her hits on the radio.

1. In the Life of Chris Gaines, Garth Brooks—Why this didn’t grab the public as did all of Garth’s albums, I don’t know. But it’s maybe the legend’s best release (and that’s saying something). The savage critics wouldn’t know great music if it walked up and shook their hands.

Sorry I had to take a shot at critics in each one; I must be angry today.

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