Monday, September 28, 2009

Christ Our King: 10 Years
I wish I had words to express what this church, these people, mean to me. If I am walking in the light now, I walk because of them. If I have loved at all, it's because of them. If I know anything, they taught it to me. I told them that I will be walking down the street, and I'll hear our hymns in my head, and in my heart. I see their faces. There are some who are gone, but I see them, too. I wish Tim Durrett would read me some Scripture in that beautiful accent of his; I wish we were going to Marc and Debbie's after worship. I wish Martha was here to say something wise. I wish certain things were whole again. I keep hoping to see T-dog sitting in the back next to the piano. We got a letter from folks I had nearly forgotten about, until I remembered that in more certain days, I called the patriarch "Liberal Ed." I promise, not long ago, he was the only one. The Tamerius kids used to take turns holding the hymnal for me while I sang. That's good for Micah; he often needs something to do. I bet Anna still knows all the words. I wonder if, though she is older, Lizzie still takes one little mouse-sized bite out of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and leaves the rest! I remember Tommy's deep-fried turkey on Thanksgiving. Had it maybe once since, but not as good as Tommy's. I remember once a month college supper club at the Kleins'. I remember thinking Peter's political views were nuts, coming to similar views...and realizing they're still nuts. I recall when my wheelchair nearly killed Peter and me. Scott Matz was always good at distracting me from the sermon. And Mrs. Matz would shush us both, like I had anything to do with it. I love that the liturgy is so engrossing that I hardly notice the pretty girls. Hardly. I appreciate the fact that I've never heard anything exclusively Presbyterian or Reformed in 8 years. I love that Pastor Travis's ordination sermon was given by John Armstrong, and that the whole matter was punctuated by Jeff Meyers and the loudest singing I have yet to hear. I loved the debut of the white robes. I remember talking about Afghanistan with Pastor Thom 7 years ago in our very first meeting. And baptism. He was wrong, and he knows that now! (smile)
Whatever may happen, I'm the luckiest person on Earth, to have lived life with these people.

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