Saturday, September 26, 2009

The GOP Nominee in 2012 Ought To Be...
Let me preface this with the note that I am considering geography and battlegrounds only; that is, not necessarily the record of the person in question. With that said, the only logical choice for the 2012 GOP nomination for president is...Tim Pawlenty. The GOP must do everything in its power to avoid classification as a regional, Southern, party. In addition, to defeat Obama, they need someone with no real ties to former President G. W. Bush. It'd be moronic for the president to blame 12 years on 'W,' but he'll try if you let him. They need to put the Midwest in play while holding the South. They need someone who doesn't have a history of angering the base. A person who is relatively young will take away perhaps Obama's biggest unacknowledged advantage from 2008, age. Pawlenty is the governor of Minnesota, and this executive experience will likely contrast favorably with Obama, who is already vulnerable on this point and overall. And the only logical pick for VP is...Michael Steele. The former Lt. Gov. of Maryland, and now the GOP national party chairman, Steele puts Virginia back in GOP hands, and perhaps even makes Obama spend resources holding Maryland. Steele is also black, and this fact alone can neutralize certain attacks from Obama. Steele may not add black votes, but he does plant the idea in the minds of voters that the GOP understands the meaning of Obama's election, and the prospect of Steele as a future president will allay any concerns that this progress is less than real. Let's see if they take my advice.

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