Monday, October 12, 2009

5 Signs You Are Not A Calvinist

5. If you use the word, "choice," ever, at any time.

4. If you have seen Minority Report, and thought it was a good summary of the conundrum of free will vs. sovereignty. That is, that there is a conundrum.

3. If you have ever used the word, "mystery," ever, at any time. [Note however, that a Calvinist will use the word when confronted with the philosophical determinism of Calvinism, thusly: "It's a mystery!"]

2. If you have ever complimented John Wesley on anything ever, without qualification. [Calvinist example: "That's a great hymn by John Wesley...too bad he was an Arminian."]

1. If your reaction to Calvin's 500th birthday did not border on the veneration of a saint.

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