Friday, December 04, 2009

5 Random, Loosely Connected Thoughts for Today

5. If the Bush administration had been really prepared to make the argument that waterboarding wasn't torture, why did they hide the fact it was being used?

4. In my view, the warantless wiretapping program in use at the time was perfectly legal, within the war-waging authority granted the president under Article II of the Constitution. If that is even possible, why did they claim the Authorization for the Use of Military Force granted after 9/11 as the special case which grants such authority? It looked like a power-grab, and gave President Bush extra unnecessary political headaches.

3. Consequently, I do not think former Attorney General Gonzales is very politically intelligent, and he was possibly corrupt.

2. I believe President Obama is an American citizen. I also believe he's on his way to one term and one term only as president.

1. Yes, I believe waterboarding is torture.

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