Thursday, August 05, 2010

Note to the "fake profile, 21-years old, now attending Covenant Seminary, porntastic spam-bots" of Facebook: I may be lonely, but I am not in fact that stupid. Every Covenant Seminary student knows that even if there were a girl that "hot" (if you will pardon the word choice) she'd be engaged in 3.4 seconds. Besides, your weird "two last names" or "two first names" or the ever-popular, "I have an exotic foreign name you will find irresistible" gives you away. I hope you don't mind if I politely ignore your friend request; even if you do exist, we haven't met. If we had, and the word "friends" could be reasonably affixed as an appellation to our association, well, you should be so lucky. [Intriguing Side-Rant: I had to look up the word "irresistible." Doesn't it seem plausible that one could spell the end of that word 'able'? I must confess, I was tempted. But I looked at it; it just wasn't quite right. I spelled it correctly, looking at it again and thought, "I don't like the spelling of this word, either." And so, I went to one of my favorite websites,, for the verdict. And so it is.]

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Timothy R. Butler said...

I keep getting those too. Or I thought I was; I kept deleting them, but noticed others I know would add them, which made me wonder if I was just being overly suspicious.

In any case, I wonder why Facebook doesn't stop these fake friends. They all have the same "Please add me" message attached to the request, so it would be easy to filter.