Thursday, May 19, 2011

What is an "evangelical," anyway? You can only read so many seminary texts before you realize that, in context, it means, "People I agree with." It's the opposite of "fundamentalist." Which is why it's actually quite funny when some irreligious "progressive" is sputtering about how the "fundamentalist evangelicals" have thwarted some plan of theirs that would cause misery, poverty, and doom to millions. Anyway, I don't even think "conservative Protestant" covers it anymore. Was Lewis a conservative Protestant? [Sort of.--ed.] Yeah, I don't think he could be marshalled for the litany of sociopolitical causes (many of which, granted, I share) with which faithful Christianity is enmeshed. Let me yell in the direction of First Things: Why do you have a political blog (The Anchoress) sponsored on your site? Look, I understand: Abortion is a huge problem; the acceptance and promotion of homosexuality is a huge problem. For those two reasons, the Democrats (and half the Republicans) deserve to lose every election from now until Kingdom Come. That said, my political convictions are not religious in nature; I believe what Jesus and the Church teach with a thousand times more fervor, and that's even granting the fact that mistakes in economic and foreign policy (Keynesianism and neoconservatism, for example) cost human lives every day. And, in fact, most things are highly debatable. All I'm saying is, if it were me, and I came to realize that your 'gospel' meant I had to hate Obama, etc. I'd want no part of it.
That's not to say I'm a Donald Miller evangelical; I'm not a hipster, I don't read Sojourners, and I don't believe in 'fair trade.' I'm not overly burdened by my affluence; I rather want to know why it's not spreading all over. I think Jim Wallis should put down the mic, and pick up a Bible. And just stick with that. Maybe you can spend a couple years reading some economics or political history on the side before you talk again. I'd rather hear you say, "You don't have to be estranged from God" than, "You don't have to be Republican." Why is everything political? I love politics, but I'd rather not be in a fight all the time.