Thursday, July 28, 2011

I hereby apologize if any of the previous lacks in the winsome manner for which I am reputed. [You've never been mistaken for winsome.--ed.] Just work with me here, OK? I do approach these questions with an intensity for which I surely am reputed. Anyway, I would like to say that I think Mr. Timothy Butler will a great PCA pastor, who will serve his people with love, honor, and distinction. Be nice to the FV hippies among you, Timothy. True, they may be nothing more than papist spies, but I promise, the first few waves at least, I had nothing to do with. If you serve there near your home, you must get to know Father Kevin Schroeder [shrayder] as long as he's there. Hilarious. He's our kind of papist, Comrade. [All papists are your kind of papist.--ed.] Not true; just the good ones. [Good with respect to what?--ed.] My editor is Captain Jack? What? That would be awesome. [If I was Captain Jack, you might actually listen to me.--ed.] Not likely! Speaking of things I learned from Captain Jack, obviously this guy hasn't heard of the "Church-state nexus." Quite frankly though, I'm just not comfortable telling God he's a barbarian. Like if He is real, he'll just sulk away, shamed by my superior moral rectitude! But behind that whole line of reasoning is the opinion that God isn't real. Like the whole religion thing is man-made, and its benefits are marginal at best. I certainly can see that opinion, though obviously, I don't share it. I hope this is tongue-in-cheek, but in any case, it's funny. Not that imperialism is funny, but gee, it's still fun to tell progressives to chill out sometimes. I like Thomas the Tank Engine (and that's what it's about, for those too lazy to click the link). I admit, I was a teenager when I saw "Shining-Time Station" which contained the Thomas stories. British people telling stories is often humorous, and almost always charming. I say that because I'm an idiot American, and we think accents are funny. Is anyone else stunned that VeggieTales hasn't been sued for all they're worth for cultural insensitivity? The humor of the show is based upon foreign accents and mild stereotypes. Not that I'm complaining, because it's funny, but I figured the nattering nabobs of no-truthism (Gracias, Nixon) would have their undergarments all in a bunch over that.
What is this post about? "Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up...": Timothy Butler, I love you, my brother, though you of course are wrong about everything [grin] and I take back anything and everything that may have been ungracious in our ongoing dialogue. If there is something specific, just let me know, and we can talk it over. Ditto, Anne Robinson, and I add that I love scads of Reformed people to the uttermost (so far as I am able, anyway) and you are no exception. My dear Jamie, ditto for you as well. You are like another conscience to me, and I only wish I'd known you sooner, though we will do our best to make up the time, won't we? This blog as been about the dogged pursuit of truth from its inception, and thus, of Christ. And yet with humor and a certain boldness. If it errs in that path in various ways, it is the sin of your humble servant. Lord, have mercy, and forgive me, dear friends and brethren.


Timothy R. Butler said...

My brother, I love you, too. No worries, I know you are warm and winsome in intent, even when you bash St. John of Geneva. Hey, I know you mean to be warm and winsome even when you promote socialist presidential candidates. If I've come across ungracious, I ask your forgiveness as well.

As to FV folk. Well, they are my brothers in Christ, so I'll be kind to them, never fear. I still think FV is dangerous for one's theological health, however. Hopefully most folks will stay within the bounds of the Missouri Presbytery report on the FV.

I do appreciate your kind words about me. If I can serve effectively, it will certainly be God's doing alone.

Unknown said...

JK! There's no need for an apology, but this a beautiful one to be sure. In return, know that I'm sorry for being so frustrating at times (I know I often am). And much love to you as well.

P.S. I responded to this earlier but evidently it didn't go through. Just fyi, but I blame Google.