Saturday, December 03, 2011

5 Thoughts For Today

5. Someone remind me not to listen to James Taylor's Greatest Hits ever again. [What?--ed.] Just trust me. Nothing personal, sir.

4. I once said that I'd like to be known as the greatest theologian of the 21st century. Permit me to revise my statement: If I spend one day not feeling like a complete moron in the face of the mysteries of Christ and His love, I'll be very surprised.

3. Writing sucks. Even if you're good at it or you think you are, it still sucks.

2. I'm happy the NBA got its house in order, but mainly so I can hear Charles Barkley talk about...anything. [They could just give him a talk show.--ed.] Nah, that never works.

1. How many milliseconds will it take the "Truly Reformed" (whatever that means) to say the "And with your spirit" in the English revision of the Mass confirms our body-hating Gnosticism? Maybe I'm just paranoid.

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