Thursday, December 08, 2011

Day 9. In other news, "Hey Jason, what do you do to preserve your chastity?" I'm glad you asked. I pray to Mary. A lot. [Pagan.--ed.] Sue me. It beats, 'Remember you're already forgiven and victorious,' whatever that means.


Timothy R. Butler said...

Not to quibble, but that's not really the alternative is it? Perhaps in pop-evangelical circles, but not any confessional tradition I know. I seem to see the Reformed folks just urging us to pray to our Savior, which is precisely what I do and take comfort in. Of course, as you know, Mary may be the *biggest* sticking point for me with Catholicism even though I understand the arguments.

Jason said...

The 'communion of saints,' correctly ascertained, is the basis for all Mariology. And I regard all prayers to Mary as prayers to Jesus, because that's how she thinks of it, and what she does.