Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ah, the life of a writer. On the other hand, if I'm gonna make a go at this writer thing, maybe I should go outside sometimes. [That would require you to put on a clean shirt.--ed.] And various other things. [Like stop listening to Audrey Assad for 5 seconds.--ed.] I know; it's out of control. We're all so lucky I can't find any of my portable music players right now. [For being tech-aware, (if not savvy) you sure are stodgy.--ed.] Thank you. I delight in being behind the times, because the times suck. Jesus would be behind the times, too, but he's always making himself present in His merciful love everywhere. [Ahem.--ed.] Fine, it's not an altar. Julia Roberts got left at the table. It's not an altar call; it's a table call. Jesus told us to leave our gifts at the table. Right. Maybe instead of making such an unnecessary and unwarranted fuss about the Mass as a sacrifice, you might explore how it could be one, given that Christ's sacrifice on the Cross can't be repeated. Creative tension, people. That's when good theology gets done. Some people try to pretend the seeming contradictions aren't there; others leave them there; still others take one of the forks, and then wonder why no one thinks they make any sense.

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