Sunday, June 03, 2012

Have I mentioned that I find George Michael amazing? I listened to "Kissing A Fool" again, and realized I need no convincing on the point. I also recalled that Michael Buble did a version, but...I'm sorry, Michael, you are consigned to the Cave of No Memory. I can't control other people's radios, and I sure as heck wouldn't turn it off, but I have a rule that I at least try not to torture myself on purpose. [That Cave claimed James Taylor, too, didn't it?--ed.] Yeah. For now. But if he moves, he has a chance. I just couldn't do it in the case of "I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)." Pol Pot could have said he liked it, and I'd still listen to it. I mean, honestly. How great is that song?
But truly, that day in November was as much a Day The Music Died as any plane crash in the middle of nowhere in 1959. If anybody cares, I haven't written a poem since, either. I guess poets can write tragic poems, too. But poets sing with words; I'm lucky I can sing anything at all. If He didn't command me to do it at least every Sunday, I'm not sure I could.
It is not that my grief is entirely unmixed with joy, but the joy is like a cheetah that never stops to look around. How did I start talking about this? George Michael.
Anyway, I remember when Amy Winehouse died. She was so young, and it was so stupid. Her music was pretty great. I was pointing out the loss to a theologian friend of mine, and he pointed out that we should care more about the fact that she had a better than 50-50 shot she landed in Hell than we should that we ourselves lost a great musician or famous person. He's right, of course, however indelicate that may be. Then I felt bad that I like celebrities so much. But you're darn right I'd find it easier and more fun to evangelize Tom Brady or George Michael. [What if they are total jerks?--ed.] Well then, OK. But appreciating someone's talent is a connection point. Maybe it means we should work harder finding and affirming connection points for the ordinary people in our lives. It just means that a famous person has a connection point and a friendship with a whole mess of people. Whether it's real or lasts is another thing. It still could be an inordinate focus in any one case, but anything could.

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