Thursday, November 01, 2012

Happy All Saints Day! I can remember All Saints back at Christ Our King. Ol' TT always had some story of some old person who did something crazy. I wish Pastor LeCroy luck in getting the Catholic out of that congregation.

And that reminds me to say, lest I be accused of sounding angry and self-impressed, how much I relished my time in that place, and in the PCA, until I made it Home. There are scads of wonderful people all over the place, and, well, if God knocks on your heart in that special way...don't say I didn't warn you. I didn't want to leave. That's a promise.

I will readily admit that I have a low tolerance for BS and lies. And Reformed theology, specifically with respect to the question, "Why are we not Catholic?" is a house of cards. More like a house of poo. I also openly admit that I like to annoy people. I like to say things in such a way that gets you mad, and looking for answers. It's time somebody did.

Anyone who actually knows me will find me personally engaging, slow to speak, and quick to listen. My writer persona is me, but not entirely. If that bothers you, I suggest your problem is with the little twinge of conscience inside, in terms of the Catholic Church.

Because to this day, I wouldn't give back all those years, the laughs, the truth. True as I'm sitting here, I left family there. Closer than blood. So don't you dare--if I may be bold--tell me I've got it out for people. I did what I had to do. And if I now use the gifts I've been given to throw that same light on the path that leads here, what's that to you? This is about Jesus Christ. That's who all of this is for. The question is, are you willing to die for those particulars where we differ? I am. If you're not, let me again frankly suggest that you don't take Jesus as seriously as you ought.

The time for Kumbaya and theological appreciation is over. It now obscures the Truth we need to find. If you dissent from Catholic teaching, fine. I hope the reason is good. All I mean to say is that all the ones I heard before this were crap. 89.9% of them were refuted in about 2 hours. I'm sorry if I need a reason to believe something. Oh, the horror of it all!

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