Friday, March 01, 2013

My Thoughts And Feelings On Yesterday

It's just been a day since Ratzinger relinquished the Chair of Peter. Bob Lozano and I knew we should do something, make an act of faith, hope, and charity, so we planned to do a Holy Hour right when it would happen. So we did. The bells tolled. I cried. Truly, I had no choice in the matter. We love our Pope, and we're supposed to. If St. Paul and the Ephesian elders can cry like babies, so can I, saying a special goodbye to the elder par excellence. And the man Joseph Ratzinger is worthy of no small amount of affection anyway, having written and spoken so well of the Lord and helping so many to understand and love Him.

But in those moments, we know that we aren't guilty of the idolatries with which we are accused. Because the man had left, and yet, Jesus reigns always. I spoke with Him. He's not going anywhere. It pleases Him to leave us a man to govern us, teach us, and protect us, and soon enough that seat will not be empty. And we will rejoice. I thought of that feeling we will have, and it made me happy.

I am praying for the men who will choose the next man to be our shepherd here on Earth. May the Holy Spirit guide them into all truth in a special way; may He give us that special joy we know we will have. Amen and amen.

I am not afraid of what will happen. I know good will come. God Himself said many times, "I will never leave you or forsake you." Jesus, I trust in You.

God, please use this next man to unite all your people, scattered throughout the world. May they be one with us, and we with them, so that there indeed may be one flock and one Shepherd. Amen.

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