Friday, February 28, 2014

5 Thoughts For Today

5. Yes, school administrators do have discretion to limit symbolic speech of students, if that speech is disruptive, or has no obvious connection to educational objectives. In this situation, students wearing American flags to subtly protest Mexican ones on Cinco de Mayo are disrupting things (and being jerks).

4. Besides, Cinco de Mayo is awesome. Mexican patriotism gives us an excuse to eat chips and salsa, watch great boxing matches, and drink beer. There might be some downsides to this multiculturalism deal, but this isn't one.

3. To shift gears a bit, how do you get a transcendental universal morality from a natural process? That's my challenge to your atheism, dude. I'm not saying you're immoral; quite the opposite. In fact, that ought to be the basis to re-visit your naturalist assumption.

2. Nominalism, taken to its logical conclusion, ends in "might makes right."

1. All of this leads me to my unavoidable conclusion: The consent of the governed is not in itself sufficient to secure the common good. Sorry, America.


Anonymous said...

I agree. America is very sorry indeed.

3-2-1. QED. And so we have a “President” who has de facto authority to unilaterally declare citizens of the USA to be “enemies of the state” and to order them to be assassinated. Without trial. Ahem.

How this place bears even passing resemblance to Jefferson & Madison’s America is becoming impossible to see.

Jason said...

It was fatally flawed from the hop; if it's going to die, it might as well die with us. As with anything American, it will go boldly.