Sunday, June 01, 2014

Gift Of Finest Wheat

I sit here just a few hours before evening Mass. I heard a thing a few days ago that Christ's Eucharistic presence is greater than when He walked on the Earth prior to His paschal mystery. I'm not a good enough theologian to defend or debate it, but it just might be true.

Have you ever been in a jam? I mean, a spiritual jam? There is a habit of sin or something, and you go to Confession believing this is the time you'll be asked to leave and not come back. If you are blessed, it never happens that way. Papa asked the priests not to berate people, and at least I can say my shepherds have taken his counsel. I'm the sort of person who is harder on himself than anyone else would be.

I left that place, I did my penance, and I stayed there with the Lord for some time. If I could only make it to Mass to receive You worthily, I thought. If I could only see Him, to feel His love for me in the difficult moments! That's the thing, isn't it? Because our temptations seem much bigger than they are.

I know His love is greater than anything else. But it's slower, quieter than we might like at times. We have to learn to wait on Him, because He never fails us. One day soon, if we keep persevering, we will flee all sin, because our hearts will say, "Nothing is greater than the Bread of Life."

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