Friday, October 10, 2014

Play To Win

The most important part of the spiritual life, after the sacraments--given by the Word Himself--is prayer. If you don't pray, then the obedience of faith becomes a bunch of "Thou shalt not" statements, and you will fall. Just trust me on this.

But prayer is communion with God, and even if we are not possessed of a certain virtue, being with God is an invitation to delve deeper into the mystery of it. The vices are all on the surface; there is no mystery or beauty to them. It's like finding treasure in a field. Imagine that!

I can remember telling the Lord's priest, "Father, it's like I'm playing not to lose." He said what they always say: "You need to pray." If you want to play to win, pray.

I'm not going to tell you that I love praying. I hate praying. But if I am utterly convinced of God's goodness by faith, I will do it, believing that what I seek--who I seek--is waiting for me.

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