Monday, November 24, 2014

Men Are Pigs

Got your attention, didn't I? I don't mean to say there are no good men. I should hope not! I expect myself to be one. The thing is, though, we are selfish trolls, by default. That's the only way a starlet can say things like, "He'll either look at porn, or you" and no one really flinches. Women can lust, too. But I think we know that we live in a society that tolerates and embraces imbalanced male sexuality.

What I'm really sick of--beyond myself--is the attitude that we are entitled to sexual gratification. Dudes, that is garbage. God will send me a wife if he thinks it's good, and not before. He's calling me and you to chastity in any case. What is "chastity," anyway? It's the integration of our sexuality into the whole of our person, and to the plan of God as a whole. Plain English: Sex doesn't exist for its own sake. It has a place, and that place isn't at the top of the pyramid. That means that the girl you "have to have" doesn't owe you her heart, or her body. This also means that it's not her fault that you are sexually frustrated, or that the world hasn't affirmed you as a sexual being. Read that sentence twice, my brothers. I wouldn't type it if it didn't need to be said.

I know how it is, man. I've been "in love" so many times, it scares me. I'm just a lover, man. I can't be anything other than what I am. But you aren't "friends" with a woman until you can look straight in her eyes and say, "I'd love you forever, but if that's not the best for you, I'll do whatever else you need" and mean it. The first part is a thing you usually don't need or get to say, and that's OK. Your female friends probably know, if you've said or done other things to indicate your intentions. God-willing, you're only getting one shot at this. You're only going to marry one woman. That means you'll see the most incredible, amazing women marry other men, or no one at all. She's not yours until she is. I don't give a d*** what the culture says about it.

Your job at all times as a gentleman is to make the women you encounter feel comfortable and safe, even if one woman in particular doesn't deserve it, or makes it very arduous. It's not for the sake of self-image; it's for the sake of God, and the good of everyone. Feminism teaches women that this is outmoded, evil, and backwards. But is there anyone more unhappy than a woman in the grip of feminism? And is there anything more contemptible than a man in its grip, attempting to curry favor with its angry, confused female adherents?

It's our fault that they ever associated it with equality at all. Our failure to be the kind of men that women can respect. She may be smarter than you. She may make more money. But on her best day, she wants and needs to know that you're there, and you've got whatever it is under control. Romantic notions? I think not. Not from what I've seen.

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