Friday, June 26, 2015

The Political Liberal Evangelical Christian Fantasy

It's just the basic idea that whatever the society's liberal social change of the day is, it only happened because those "conservative" Christians--who are probably too allied with the Republican Party, obviously--were hypocritical about something else. Heaven knows, I barely have known a more hypocritical bunch than conservative Republicans, which is probably why that's where I belong.

But in reality, you are chasing a ghost. In the final analysis, you will never say the hard things just the *right* way. We did not arrive here because Dr. Dobson was mean.

Sexual ethics is even worse. Romans 1 talks about homosexuality directly, but it says plainly that the root cause is idolatry. Guess what, left-of-center Christian? They'll hate you, too. Might as well just tell the truth, and take your medicine.

By the way, I have the freedom to be what seems to be a haphazard clash of conflicting political imperatives, because I know that our whole political anthropology, left and right, is the wrong one. This is why progressives cherry-pick the Holy Father, and conservatives who happen to be Catholic are praying for the end. (And doing their own picking.)

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