Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bernie's Nuts, But He Understands People

Most people who get motivated by politics are idealists; even the people who get angry about their opponents in politics are idealists. If we don't stop these people, they're going to destroy everything. Isn't it funny how everyone says that? That shows me that we have a lot of passion, and not a lot of wisdom. There's an intellectual virtue of listening and reflecting; I know I don't have it.

The biggest problem with the "left" as it were, is that they believe two huge lies: That an unborn baby is not a person, and that nobody in Heaven and earth cares--or should--about what I do with my sexuality. Actually, replace "sexuality" with "money," and you've described a pretty big chunk of the "right," also. And of course, a few of them haven't bothered to wrestle with that fundamental realization of human personhood, either.

A lot of people are cynical about politics right now, and I suppose I understand that. Our political class is not overly-blessed with intellect, or heart, in the best sense of the word. Many seem to be bought and paid for by someone, whose relation and contribution to the good of us all is dubious, at best.

One thing you can say about Bernie Sanders: he's not cynical at all. We are going to take them all down! He's definitely angry for stretches, but that's frustrated idealism. I love idealists, as a general rule. I'm one, unapologetically. Politics, sports, you name it.

There is something inherently noble about the doomed, but idealistic presidential campaign. That's why the people who win in primaries say nice things about the vanquished: anybody who scares you almost out of a job has some people working for them that care enough to put it all on the line. I'd like to think the gestures of goodwill are not simply for good optics. We all used to care, and totally from a limitless reservoir of hope.

Let me never fail to appreciate that.

With wisdom comes the reckoning: I was flat wrong about that; I overstated that; I failed to consider... But let's never surrender to cynicism, even in these important, but lesser things.

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