Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Hard Truth: "Evangelical" Means White

This is the reason a wretched person like Donald Trump is peeling off evangelical, self-described "very conservative" people. It's also why you could forget Ted Cruz is Cuban. He's trying to act white. He seems white, even.

Donald Trump does not appeal to actual evangelical Christians, by and large. He is supported by people who added the label "Christian" to the privilege of their whiteness, to add an air of respectability.

Suppose I were older, and I had not been blessed with the chance to attend university and graduate school. Suppose I had done manual labor for my entire life. I (would)
see the Democrats as the party of blacks, gays, and foreigners. The Republicans said they understood me, but they don't. Where do I go?

Where do you think?

We can call it "telling it like it is," or "Not PC," but what it means is, "The America we knew is gone, and we're begging for scraps from these rich, entitled, world citizen types, who think they're better than us."

It's race and class, bottom line. Educated whites became liberals. Their privilege is reflected in the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, even if not their preference. Hillary Clinton represents the dying husk of failed neoliberalism, though their coming of age owed a lot, at least in mythology, to the New Left. Bill Clinton snatched up enough of these lower-class white people to put a dark cloud over Reagan's enduring American morning.

But seriously, look at this: Al Gore lost because he lost less-educated whites. Kerry, too. Neoliberalism took its toll on the GOP, as well. But "W" resonated culturally, if not economically.

But everything Ann Coulter writes proves that some white people aren't too happy. It's not about principles. If it were, she'd go running toward Nikki Haley and Marco Rubio, not insulting them. They are the political epitome of everything Reagan symbolizes, if not stood for.

Someone needs to help these whites, but tell them they are wrong.

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