Thursday, May 05, 2016

Christ Beside Me

I saw two of my favorite priests today. One has endured the great suffering of an unimaginable calumny, and the other is a noted spiritual director, barely older than me. The first man never let me forget the love of God, in those tough days of the second year of being reconciled to the Church. He asked me if I was still praying for him, and it was a true John the Baptist moment.

The second is terribly fond of me, and I would be tempted to dismiss that, but he's so holy that I have to question whether he knows something I don't. He talked during the homily about seeing with the eyes of Jesus. It lifts me to consider that he's on to something.

Christ has something special for each of us, no matter how much we hate ourselves. I could almost hear the Father's laughter, as he led me to the Sacrament of Penance yesterday. Let His love swallow up your unworthiness. Our sin is no less real, but grace lets us see the depth of mercy. And the bottom will not be reached.

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