Sunday, May 08, 2016

Free Advice

If you want to attract a good man, ladies, please remember this: don't make any man feel small in public, especially if he's the one you want. It seems to me that many women today have this completely backwards. They will pour themselves out in private, saying the deepest things on their hearts, but in public, they'll carve that man to shreds, and even seem to enjoy it.

I definitely won't tell you that most men are worthy of this kind of deference. And you might be dating an egomaniac, or even a sociopath. I'm not here to fix the world's problems. I do know that a girl who acts like some man would be hopeless without her--in a normal situation with a great guy--deserves to be without him. If he's a genuinely good man, he knows he'd be lost without her. But he needs that same woman to avoid telling the world about it. When a great man reaches the heights of his accomplishments, professionally and otherwise, does he not publicly praise her? Does he not share his glory?

I'm just a single guy, but I notice things. Don't be that girl.

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