Sunday, August 14, 2016

Not A Trump Toadie

I'll be brief: Everything in National Review's "Against Trump" issue is undeniably true. It hasn't changed. The specter of Hillary Clinton doesn't somehow make it go away. He is not, as some would have it, a good candidate (or man) with flaws; he is a bad man, who adds willful ignorance to his witches' brew of racism, xenophobia, and resentment. Quite simply, he has no earthly idea what he's talking about, and he countenances, supports, or outright endorses the worst elements of the "alt-right." The man's biggest advocate in the conservative media is Ann Coulter. That tells me all I need to know. Namely, that maybe racism and paranoia were a bigger part of the "conservative movement" than passionate contrarians of good will were ready to face.

"Judges" is the main argument that good people use to justify their vote for Trump. You know, I have been chasing the phantasm of overturning Roe my whole adult life. It won't happen in 4 years, or 8, or 40. This is a man who was pro-abortion 18 months ago, before running for president. I'm not selling my soul for a "maybe." If Clinton is otherwise qualified, perhaps I can't vote for her, but I won't shed a tear when she wins. The Clintons may be as corrupt as advertised, but lacking basic knowledge and governing competence they are not.

Bottom lines: Don't vote for people less competent than yourself, and don't vote for someone who reminds you of Mussolini. The fact that so many Catholics are ready to wave away his toxicity so easily is appalling to me. Call it virtue signaling if you like, but I don't trust people who don't get queasy at the thought of supporting such a man. If he resonates with you, and you feel judged, good. We have too easily become acclimated to evil.

Clinton will win, make no mistake. I find it more important to re-build a party and its philosophy than to cast my lot with someone I don't respect. Pretty simple.

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