Tuesday, November 08, 2016

You Can't Blame Me

I abstained from the presidential vote. Missouri leans Republican, mind you, for president. If indeed Mr. Trump wins here by some 15 points, it indicates to me that Missouri has lost its bellwether status, and frankly, that the voters here have lost their minds. Which is not to say that I welcome a Clinton victory here, or in the nation as a whole. It is absolutely to say that for all their faults real and imagined, we are unworthy of George W. Bush, his father George Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney,  Ronald Reagan,  Dwight Eisenhower, and all the rest up to this point. We have failed them. We have failed our children. We have failed our fellow citizens, and the world.

No, I don't think it's overstated.

One further thing: there are those who would dismiss these words as sentiment or virtue signaling, as some are calling it. My only reply is that it is in fact those who have deadened themselves to virtue who cannot recognize its opposite. I will not go on as though the game is the same, nor will I man the barricades for someone who is hardly fit to enter my home, much less be the president of my country.

With that, we turn to implore God's mercy. In any case, we'll need a lot of it.

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Nathan said...

All politics is signaling. Accordingly, any virtue in politics may be referred to as virtue signaling.