Thursday, February 16, 2017

Is The Media Dishonest?

I'm seeing "dishonest" as an appellation to the word "media" now, even more than I used to. We Republicans always complain about the media. I think now is different. American conservatives used to have a different interpretation on publicly available facts; now, "facts" are created for consumption, to confirm what people already think they know.

It wasn't long ago--if you can believe this--when we accused Democrats of emotionalism, of making things up to fit an agenda, and not without justification. If we dare raise it now, they deserve to laugh at us.

I watch and read mainstream media, and I'll tell you why. Because I don't need someone to tell me what I think. I'm not insecure in my philosophy, or in my plans. Furthermore, if I attempt to put forward an idea that cannot be grounded in publicly available facts, then I am seeking to advance an ideology, not pursue the truth. And that would be a shame.

I don't find most media dishonest. If anything, I think many rank-and-file Republicans fall into an old journalism mistake. Just because a person somewhere disagrees with a widely-held truth, it does not mean that such a belief has an equal value to the truth. What I just wrote is difficult for me to say; I'm a contrarian, if there ever were one. But contrarianism has its limits, and those limits are the truth.

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