Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Truth Is The Truth

There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. It's better to live in the truth and be occasionally reminded that you hate and resist the truth than it is to pretend the truth is other than it is.

I don't have anything to add to discussions of current events, except to say that the truth about any situation is preferable to any comforting lies. It is indeed a comforting thing to know that the Church does not need me, in a sense. When I offer my gifts to the Body of Christ, I do so in the complete knowledge of God's sovereign care. Jesus will preserve His Church; he does not promise to preserve the reputations of those who have done wickedness in darkness.

I think some people read this--especially the part about freedom--and secretly go, "Yeah, but..." It's easier to blame God than it is to face the darkness within. Then again, why does God permit all manner of evil to be visited upon the innocent? Your guess is as good as mine. It's an age-old difficulty, one that doesn't become easier or harder. It just is.

If the all-good God asked me to suffer for the good of another, even without knowing why, or seeing the fruit, would I do it? Yeah. I've seen this movie lots of times before. I may stumble, but I know the Way. I start to understand: We make the "little" sacrifices so that when the big ones come, we're not overwhelmed.

I gave to Jesus a great pain I have been feeling. Once upon a time, I did a very hard thing. It's the right thing, but it was hard. But maybe I hadn't said fully to Him, "But I hate this. It hurts. I would do this all differently." Because I hadn't done that, I was struggling to go forward in obedience. Jesus knows what I really think; it's my image of myself that has to die.

What else has to die for the sake of the truth?

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