Saturday, November 16, 2019

Happy Birthday, Mom

You're 64 today. I'll bet you thought those kind of ages were never reached, when you were a kid! Well, anyway.

I am your proud and thankful oldest son. To be honest, some things we'd have been better not living through, or so it seems. Then again, who are we, to argue with God? I'm thankful for little things from you. I love books and words because of you. I pay attention--to a healthy extent--to what's going on in the world because of you.

I'm sensitive and funny because of you. I could be wrong, of course, but I think that was you. You sacrificed all this time and energy so that we could have every advantage. You work as hard as anyone I have ever seen. And the thing I love most that you taught us is that enjoying life is about recognizing the moment, and being thankful.

Honestly, this will sound a little weird, but I love that we are friends. I'll always be your son, but you also trust me with things that are important to you. That makes a son who has become a man feel strong and valued.

I don't know what we're going to do when Daniel Craig retires from acting. And remember: George Clooney can be usually counted on at the movies, but not when there are goats involved! There's a solid chance I'll be seeing that Top Gun sequel at least twice. Alyse beat you to it, but we'll definitely go.

Also...VEGAS, BABY!!! So fun seeing Garth Brooks there, too. Even if we stayed in the Trump Hotel. (sorry not sorry)

Anyway, try not to work too hard, Mom. You've earned a break all these years. And say hi to the puppies for me! I love you!

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