Friday, February 05, 2021

The Credibility of Jesus, the Son of God (John 5:19-29)

 The "truly, truly…" indicates that Jesus is about to say something new, as a revealer of God's plan. He's telling us that the relationship between fathers and sons which we understand is an analogy to his relationship with the Father. Many sons imitate their fathers, and if the man is good, the son will be good as well. Jesus says that the Father loves him, showing and telling him everything. Verse 23 seems to teach that we should worship Jesus, in the same way that we worship the Father. (St. John uses the word "honor.") Trusting that the Father has sent His Son Jesus grants us eternal life. Verse 23 also closes off the option of worshiping the Father, but refusing to worship the Son.

Jesus teaches us about the resurrection from the dead at the end of time. If you break the word "resurrection" down, it means something like, "the rising to life again." "Hearing" in the Old Testament Scriptures meant something more than simple hearing. It meant paying attention, or listening. The resurrection to new life at the end of time is actually not a new idea, because the prophet Isaiah spoke about it in chapter 26 of his Old Testament prophecy. (26:19) What is new is that the just people will obey and follow Jesus.

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