Thursday, July 17, 2014

Let's Get Deeper Than Sound-Bites

I really do get it. You look at the Christian landscape, and you see all these allegedly Christian communities going soft on what Michael Liccione calls "the pelvic issues." Even though to fight in the public sphere is all we have when we cannot achieve dogmatic consensus because of the individualist tyranny of Sola Scriptura, still, it's crazy. We're down to Natural Law, basic stuff called into question, essentially because politics and identity trumps the law of God.

At the same time, we've got to define our terms. What do you mean by "gay-affirming"? Really? If I don't have the guts to say that a person even practicing homosexuality is in some sense loved by God, I do not understand the corresponding evil of that sin. I'm going to say that again: You don't understand it, or the love of God, which is denied in it.

There is too much "us vs. them." The activists are completely right about this, even if some of them use it against us and themselves, in order to remain in their sins.

Why are you worried about the "synagogues of Satan," rather than preaching the love of Jesus? It has been too long a false dilemma: You fear that preaching love will lead to antinomianism. What you fail to realize--though you may concede it in your mind--is that a heart gripped by the love of Christ needs no law at all. The kerygma of Christ thrives and lives in the Body of Christ. To be apart from the Church is just as dark as the darkness of perversion, and we are but a clanging cymbal or ringing gong apart from Him, and the sacraments of His love.

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