Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We Live For Each Other

...and for God. I see more clearly each day that I live (when I bother to look) that it's not about me. The world does not revolve around me. The best thing I can do is to point others, in big ways and small, to Him, because it does revolve around Him.

I read this today. Annie doesn't want pity or sympathy, I'm sure, but I have buckets full, if she ever wanted it. It intrigued me that she really wanted to meet Derek Jeter, and got to do it. He's all the talk these days, with this his final season serving as the coronation of a Hall Of Fame career. It struck me again as I watched that commercial "Respect" from the other day that none of these elite athletes understand how much bigger than the games they play they can be. Remember the firefighters who tipped their caps to Jeter? Firefighters. "Heroic" is in the job description, for goodness' sake. And yet, here they are. Why? Because sports are not an escape; they are a mirror. Jeter and others are right to tell them, (or the person with cancer) "I should be thanking you," and yet, there is something dignifying about receiving something like, "The way you play inspires me" and accepting it as the gift it is. Because in a certain sense, we're all in this together. Respecting the game isn't just a cliche; it's understanding that you have a task that may seem small, (and maybe it is) but it's yours.

It's not about you, even if you're Derek Jeter.

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